Credit Management:

We manage your collection to maintain and improve your cash flow. You need not to devote your time, energy, and resources in it.

We have our First Party Account Receivable Management Team which work with clients to develop a customized plan to control your receivable process.


Debt Management:

We provide a complete commercial debt Management services to our clients globally. In India we provide our services to all sectors from Insurance, Transport, Retail, Health Sector, Manufacturers, Real State, Financial sector, and others. We give our services to big corporates as well as to small companies.

ACC hires skilled professional from account and legal background to provide best services to our clients. We leave no stone unturned in recovering our client’s money from debtors. Our well-trained team works in such a manner so that your relationship with your debtors should not be hampered. We can handle all kinds of accounts; big or small.


We adopt two kinds of process:

  1. Through Amicable Settlement

In this segment we have two plans:

  • Primary
    Initially, we adopt very friendly approach towards your clients, so that your relationship with your client does not hamper. We adopt following procedure under this plan;

    • Phone Calls
    • Emails
    • Letters
    • Peripheral Account Reconciliation

    Period: We try hard to recover your debt amount from the debtors and this activity takes from 30 to 90 days. After 90 days we close this process by giving intimation to our clients.

  • Secondary
    In this process, we do all thing as per our primary plan but when debtors do not come forward on the settlement’s table amicably, then we send legal notice to create some anxiety and fear in debtor’s mind. Most of the time, it works and they ready to make an amicable settlement. We adopt following steps in this method:

    • All activities of Primary Method
    • Legal Notice
    • Drafting of FIR and complaint to competent authority.

    Period: Our team do this activity in 120 days and endeavour to negotiate with the debtor parties. If they do not turn up, we close the case by giving prior intimation to our clients.

  1. Through Litigation;

In case, the debtors are not ready to clear his account, then this method is used. In this you have to file a case in the court. We help our client to find a good advocate to fight their cases or they can hire an advocate directly. We charge nothing for this service.

Other Financial Management:

Some companies become insolvent and do not able to return investor’s money. Sometimes they do fraud with the investors and run away with their money. We, at Active Claims Consultant undertake recovery proceedings in such type of cases.


  • No Cure-No Fee means No Recovery-No Fee.
  • Dedicated team of Legal Experts.
  • Dedicated team of Account Experts.
  • Dedicated team for fraud-fighters for investigation
  • Dedicated Back Office Team.
  • Try to strengthen your business relationship with the debtors/creditors.